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Energy saving

In anticipation of that much hoped-for good summer...

How not to overheat in summer

When sizzling hot weather is forecast, how can you store that early morning cool? Try these tips:

Move into the shade

  • Use blinds (or sheets) on south-facing windows to reflect the sun.
  • Draw south-facing curtains to keep the sun's heat out and cooler air in.
  • Insulate loft and cavity walls to slow the passage of heat from outside.

Make less heat

  • Check the hot water tank is insulated. If not, it will leak heat into the room.
  • Turn off appliances you're not using (even adaptors generate heat).
  • Reschedule physical work, avoid direct sunlight and drink cold water.


  • Open windows on opposite sides of the house, but only if this creates a cooling through-draft and is not a security risk.
  • Use a rotating desk fan. Portable air conditioners use up to 100 times more energy.